Monday, November 28, 2011

"The Seasons Come and Go"

I have noticed over the years how much my students enjoy watching the seasons change.  I too, appreciate the opportunities these observations of the passing of time allow me to integrate specific materials in the classroom.  Recently, with the help of my intern, I put together a lesson which highlights each season while giving a visual impression of the passing of time.    Just as in our 'Thanksgiving' poem when, "The seasons come and go," this activity highlights the coming and going of each time of year.

While going through some materials at home, I came across a set of Seasons pictures from Montessori For Everyone (I think!) which had been in my files for years.  I still cannot remember my original plan for this set, but when I found them, the idea to make a timeline came to fruition.  The set includes five photos representing each of the four seasons.  Also, each set has a heading card for the season with the word - for example, the card says, "Winter".  One of the reasons I have held on to this material for so long is because the photos are so beautiful! 

To demonstrate the idea of a timeline, four pieces of colored ribbon were sewn together to form a line.  Each color is representative of  a season:  red - autumn; white - winter; green - spring; yellow - summer.  Then, each card was cut out, mounted onto corresponding colored card stock, and laminated.

To do the work, the child lays out the colored ribbon and matches the heading cards with each color of the ribbon in the timeline.  Next, the child examines each card and determines which season it represents and places it underneath the appropriate color in the timeline.  The control of error is within the material with the color coordination of the cards and ribbon.  Here is a photo of the completed lesson:

Seasons Timeline

Fall pictures.

Winter pictures.

Spring pictures.

Summer pictures.
As you can see from the photos, this lesson is ideally suited not only for a cultural/science perspective, but also for a language enrichment opportunity!  I am very much looking forward to introducing my students to this material.

The materials ready for the shelf:  Heading cards and ribbon which is clipped with clothespin in smaller basket; and pictures for each season (which are not grouped by color) underneath...

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  1. What a great way to show the seasons!

  2. This is just an AMAZING piece of work! I gotta put this work together. I love your blog so much!! Thank you so much for sharing.
    Discovering Montessori

  3. This is great, Sasha! I appreciate the way you think through each material to decide the best way to prepare and present it. I love timelines in general, and this is a wonderful way for children to see the progression of seasons. Thanks so much for linking up with Montessori Monday. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:

  4. Thank you, all for such positive feedback! I am looking forward to hearing the children talk about each photo as they decide where to put them - such a good work to do with a friend or two...! Thanks again and I really appreciate your interest in my blog. Sasha

  5. great idea - just one point to make. I would mount all the pictures on the same colour card, and put a coloured dot on the back to correspond with the ribon as a control of error. Otherwise many children will simply see the border and match the colours. Of sourse this can alos be a learning experience. EG It is summer, this is what the animal / plant eyc looks like in sunmer