Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Down, down, down, down...

...LEAVES are falling down to the ground!  Actually, they are being painted with gorgeous watercolors in our classroom and are being admired by all who pass through our hallway.  The children are showing such an interest with the use of watercolors and have worked meticulously with the materials to complete a unique piece of leaf art.

The materials set up at a table:  Basket of canvas papers each with a leaf shape; small tray with a bowl, dish with sponge, jar with paintbrush, pencil (for writing name on the back of paper); watercolor tray; art board.  To begin the activity, the child first puts on the apron which is hanging on the back of the chair.

Close-up of the small tray (I realized after taking the picture that I had the bowl on the left side for the lesson) - Next, the child fills up the small bowl with water, wets the sponge, and dampens the canvas paper.

Now, the child paints the leaf, rinsing the brush between colors.  Usually, they have needed to get clean water at least once while painting...
Afterwards, the child brings their painting to our classroom drying rack, rinses the bowl and brush, and readies the apron, leaving all materials ready for the next person.  It has been truly remarkable observing the children demonstrate such care and attention to detail while painting these leaves!

Watercolor Leaf Paintings adorning the walls of our hall.

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  1. Your school display is amazingly beautiful. What a great teacher and mentor you are!!!!. Love the handwritten signature ;-)

    Love and appreciation

  2. Oh, thank you Ewa! The children are so enjoying the watercolors and they are truly beautiful! Thank you for leaving such a kind comment! Sasha

  3. I love this set up and presentation! This is how I set it up too! BRAVO! :]
    anna: montessori workjobs

  4. Thank you, Anna! I appreciate your enthusiasm! :)

  5. Thanks! The kids really enjoyed painting these!

  6. I LOVE the way you set up your activities, describe them in detail, and add beautiful photos as well, Sasha! Awesome! I'm so glad you link up with Montessori Monday! I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page and linked to it in my Montessori-Inspired Autumn Leaf Unit at http://livingmontessorinow.com/2011/09/29/montessori-inspired-autumn-leaf-unit/

  7. This is a really wonderful activity, I love the way you put it all together. The work by the children turned out brilliant! Thank you for sharing.
    Discovering Montessori

  8. Thank you Deb and Discovering Montessori! I also plan to have the children take these home before the Thanksgiving Break as a little gift for their families.

  9. Sasha, I was inspired by this and gave our children the 'water paint' lesson recently. We've just worked on parts of the plant, so this was perfect. They're loving it! Next I have a tree with bare branches that they can add their own leaves too!

  10. Oooh, that sounds lovely! I'm so glad to know how this idea inspired your own! :) Great job! Sasha

  11. Just letting you know that I linked to this post in a unit study I wrote about autumn leaves. http://www.zujava.com/leaf-study