Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Whole World of Photos

You'll understand the title of this post at the end of the following collection of photos from this (short) week in our classroom: 

Setting up the Short Bead Stair for some teen number work.
Working with the First Color Tablet Box.
Gluing lesson with smalls bits of crepe paper.

Solid Cylinder Blocks:  Two at a time.  This lesson allows the child to practice visual discrimination of size while helping to prepare the hand for writing through the use of the pincer grasp.

Matching Geometric Solids onto their bases and onto each other!

Playing our Melody Harp to understand scale.  We have been singing a song about leaves to go along with playing this instrument.  What a peaceful sound it makes during our mornings... :)

Practicing the Lacing Frame.

Combining the Golden Beads with the Decimal System Cards.

The beginnings of a Map of the World...

...with each continent meticulously pin pushed...

...and labeled...

A complete Map of the World!


  1. I LOVE your map of the World! How young do you have children begin doing this geography lesson??

  2. Usually, my older fours will enjoy this work. I have also seen some teachers introduce a simpler extension showing just land and water (brown and blue) for younger students, which I think is a great idea! I think they painted it rather than pin pushing...