Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Group Art Project

Around Valentine's Day, the children had completed watercolor heart paintings which turned out so vibrantly that we had to save them for something special.  We thought they would look beautiful altogether on a canvas and remind us of our key experiences together at school.  For a "spur of the moment" project, it turned out beautifully!  We are in the process of naming the work and finding a place for display - I just had to share this now because it is just gorgeous!!

Each child first completed a watercolor heart...
…then painted a section of a large canvas.
Next, I took the pieces home and sealed everything with a coat of Mod Podge…

…then sealed them to the canvas. 
 I love how this impromptu project leaves such a lasting impression - it will be treasured for years to come!


  1. Sasha - Did you use watercolor paper for the heart paintings? The project looks wonderful!

    1. Hi Beth, Thanks! Yes, we used watercolor paper for the hearts.

  2. Where do you keep the one from last year? Do you rotate them out each year?

    I just love this idea of finding a uniting idea for the children to internalize…so beautiful. Making peace through art and awareness.

  3. Funny you should ask, Heather - I have such a hard time taking one down to put up another one. I have yet to take one down… Since we don't have too much space in the classroom (and I don't want to overwhelm with too many things on the walls) we have taken to hanging these projects in our hallway/cubby area. This latest one is looking to take a spot in an area (also in the hall) where children and parents walk each morning to get to our classroom. It is also a spot where the children pass each day on our way to and from the outdoor play area. I don't know what we'll do when we run out of space in the hall! :-)

  4. They are so precious…maybe you could have a high quality photo of each mounted and framed, that way you can keep the art and save some space. Auction (to the parents) the originals to support the school or donate to a designated charity chosen by the students…

    or, build an art gallery on property :D

  5. I love your idea of donating a charity! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi Sasha, these are absolutely wonderful! I adopted your idea in my Montessori 3-6 classroom and turned it into a 'sharing our love' art project. Each student completed a heart with watercolours and then we cut the hearts in half and then in quarters. (Great fractions!) We then kept one of our quarters and gave the other three away to our friends. We all ended up with a complete love heart, consisting of four different parts. We shared our love! Thanks for your wonderful blog, it's a great inspiration.

  7. What a beautiful idea, Sonja. Thanks for sharing!