Saturday, March 1, 2014

Reminders of Progress

One of the reasons I like to document activity in the classroom is because it is easy for me to forget how far along we've come - the pictures help me remember! This week's collection of photos has done exactly that:

Completing a pattern to make a bracelet.

Pink play dough for South America.

Transferring pom poms - the tongs have a toucan at the top to go with our South American theme.

Dot Game practice (addition).

Transferring and sorting beans (red and black beans).

Making a collage from the Parts of a Frog puzzle.

Naming and coloring the countries of South America.

Addition with colored beads.

Addition with Golden Beads.

Reading practice.

Three sets of Cylinder Blocks.

The feather transfer activity has much appeal!

Writing down our three classroom rules for a gratitude.

Sounding out and writing longer phonetic words with the Moveable Alphabet.

Making shapes with the Constructive Triangles.

Copying the words to our 'Snow' poem for handwriting practice.

Laying out and counting the decimal system with golden beads.

Number writing practice on the squared chalkboard.

Reading and writing practice using our Reading Drawers - the child matches the words to pictures.

Working with the Cards and Counters to practice counting and cardinality.  This lesson also gives a visual impression of odd and even numbers. 

Function of Words:  Verb box 3 - commands with symbolization.

Transferring water beads - pink to correspond with South America on the map...

Fine motor development with finger knitting.

Addition practice with the math drawers.

A sneak peak at a group art project we are working on…  More to come soon! :-)

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