Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pin Pushing and Maps

It appears this past week has been defined by pin pushing and map making - both wonderful activities which strengthen hand muscles and build concentration.  Thanks to my assistants who maintained map making materials, many children were able to complete their own Maps of the World.  What a sense of accomplishment and pride was felt each time someone completed their map!  I wonder if the children will now want to make maps of each of the continents or Montessori materials - we'll have to see where this new interest will take them next…  In the meantime, here are some photos to share of our week together:

Fine motor control, pincer grasp practice:  pin pushing the shape of Antarctica.

Symbolizing verbs and adverbs.

Numbering the nesting dolls.

A fun, seasonal pre-writing activity.

Carefully walking on the line - a wonderful gross-motor  lesson.

Using two shapes and two colors with the Metal Insets.

Addition with colored Beads Bars.

Drawing with chalk pastels.

Working with the Spindle Boxes - a wonderful material highlighting the concept of zero.

There has been a flurry of activity with several children making pin-pushed maps of the world.

Static addition with Golden Beads.

Heightening awareness of varying weights with the Baric Tablets.

Reading Sentence Practice

Teen Beads and Boards.

See what I mean about the flurry of map making?  This wasn't' even all of them! :-)


  1. Wow! Look at all those maps! How beautiful they are! And such dedication to the effort…

    Did you have more than one set of pin pushing out to accommodate all of that work? It must have been in near constant use all week long. Wonderful!

    How I love update days to this blog~

  2. Yes, we had a few sets extra sets out - we had to accommodate with extra pin pushing pads and styluses. The children were so invested in their work!