Tuesday, February 25, 2014

On the Shelves: South America

Upon return from our February vacation, we are enjoying some new lessons on the shelves having to do with a new unit of study - South America.  Here are a few pictures to share:

Practical Life: dry transferring activities

Practical Life: wet transferring activities

A close up of a spooning lesson:  Check out the hand painted  toucan!    This lesson uses coffee beans for transferring.

Sorting red and black beans.

How perfect is this small dish during for our South American studies?  It is filled with small, pink beads to place around the tray using tweezers.  (Pink corresponds to the color of South America on the Montessori globe and maps.)

A fun cube puzzle with a tropical theme. 
We will also be introducing the children to some new art activities which I will post about soon.  


  1. I really love how you coordinate your topics so well! I love how the shelves look with the corresponding colors to the map…so beautiful.

    What I wouldn't give to intern with you!