Saturday, February 8, 2014


Another active week!  We are enjoying some new lessons on the art shelves in preparation for Valentine's Day.  Having so many hearts around reminds us about our friendships with one another and ways we can be helpful and kind to each other.

Painting at the easel -  new colors were recently added along with white paper.

Writing words in play dough using letter stamps.

Drawing with oil pastels.

A Valentine - themed Opening and Closing activity.  Each heart shaped box contains an eraser - a fun point of interest for the children.

Beaded hearts.

Sensorial exploration.

A new calendar for the new month (and recording it on paper).

Valentine drawing sequence.

Writing sentences with the Small Moveable Alphabet.

Using the Short Chain of 6 - comparing the square of 6 to folded up chain (underneath).  This material concretely shows six sets of six and helps to prepares the child for multiplication.

Working with the Spindle Boxes - this lesson beautifully demonstrates the concept of zero.

Using the Language Step Board to practice middle sounds of words.

This student decided to copy the words from our Peacemaker Cards - what a great handwriting lesson!

Caring for our classroom and placing flower arrangements on tables and shelves .

Writing words on rocks with water.

Quantity and symbole with the Teen Beads and Boards.

Reading sentences.

Painting hearts with watercolors - beautiful!  (We will be saving these for a group project to be completed later.)


  1. Sasha, I thought I asked this before, but how do you keep this work so pristine after the children trace their letters? Mine is looking so shabby. Also, the children have so much trouble closing the paper clasps...very frustrating indeed and they hurt their thumbs!

  2. Hi Terri, I think I remember this question… I only the use the step board for letter recognition/sound practice with the tiles and not for tracing. So, we don't use the tracing part, which is why it's so clean. One of the reasons is because of the difficulty of the clasps.