Saturday, January 25, 2014

Finding our Way Again!

This collection of photos is from the past two weeks of school.  We've been slowly returning to a sense of normalcy after vacation - since that time, several of the children had been on extended family vacations.  This, along with some enrollment changes, a holiday, tending to our pet fish, and my own absence (due to a ruptured ear drum) has disrupted our (mostly my) rhythm a bit.  Thankfully, all the children have now returned from their vacations, and I am at resting at home - till Monday at least! :-)

One of the reasons I enjoy documenting classroom activity through photos is for this very reason - while I may be feeling things are bit haywire, the pictures remind me that all is well and there is always much learning taking place:

Sewing practice.

Completing a sand map of Antarctica.

Story writing - this student is making a 'meatball space' between words with her left index finger.

A phonemic awareness lesson - placing a stone for each sound in a word.  Here, the cards depict characters from Jan Brett's, The Mitten.  These cards are available from Trillium Montessori's The Mitten materials pack.

Math work - Static Addition with Golden Beads and Cards.

"This is the lake," with the Land and Water Forms (Lake/Island).

Linear counting and number symbol recognition with the Hundred Board.

Numbers 11-19 with the colored beads.

Matching words to pictures and recording them on paper.

Reading beginner reader books.

Visual discrimination of length (Red Rods) outdoors!

Letter fun outside.

Polishing Glass

Reading practice with the Phonetic Object Box.

Beginning sound games.

Writing phrases and sentences with sight words using the Small Moveable Alphabet.

Beginning sounds and objects with Sandpaper Letters and Small Moveable Alphabet letters.

Feeling varying weights with the Baric Tablets.

Taking care of classroom plants.

Sensorially exploring the Trinomial Cube.

Such precision with the Pink Tower and Brown Stair!

More work on letter formation and letter sounds with the Sandpaper Letters.

Counting and quantity with the Short Bead Stair.

Square Chain of Six - Linear and skip counting; introduction to multiplication.

"This is a cube," sensorially exploring the Geometric Solids.

Making new shapes with triangles using the Constructive Triangles.

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  1. do you mind sharing the name of your beginning readers!