Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sand Map: Antarctica

This lesson is similar to the Africa sand map, but uses a colored paper plate instead of paper:

Sand map of Antarctica.
I also made a series of printed labels which students place on the plate prior to applying glue and sand.  Using the colored plate gives a clear visual impression of how the continent is surrounded by ocean - a concept we have been discussing as we learn about Antarctica and its place on the Earth.

The activity is set up at stationary table  (rather than on the shelf). 


  1. When you are setting out work like this, do you account for one per student and ask them to do it only once? Or do you assume some will try it more than once and others won't use it? I'm just trying to wrap my head around prepping materials to have enough for all but not have a lot of overage either.

    1. I always prepare enough for everyone to complete it at least once - as you mentioned, there will always be those who wish to do it several times and others who won't do it at all. For this lesson, the labels are running out faster than the plates (which I have more of). So, I've mentioned to the children who wish to make another one that they are welcome to do so without using another label so that there will be some left for those who haven't completed the lesson yet.