Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Color Mixing with Model Magic

We have been talking about mixing primary colors since the beginning of the school year.  During the past weeks, the children have enjoyed many lessons including a Mondrian paper collage, and painting with primary colors.  The latest color lesson is no less exciting and I am grateful to Trillium Montessori for sharing this idea:

Black paper with red, blue, and yellow stickers connected with white lines; tray with white crayon (for name writing), three containers with small pieces of model magic in primary colors.

The child takes two pieces of each color so that he/she may mix the model magic and make a new color.   I showed how to roll the model magic to get the best mixing effect...
Color mixing fun!
This activity is loaded with opportunities for building those hand and finger muscles necessary for writing!!!  Also, the colors are so vibrant against the black paper.  I appreciate how this lesson gives the children another way to explore primary and secondary colors while having so much fun!

Update:  I did end up having to change the containers because the model magic was beginning to dry up a bit in the ones pictured...  


  1. What container did you find worked well to keep the material from drying out so quickly?

    Once again, another superlative lesson!

  2. Hi Heather, I just ended up using small, plastic, rectangular tupperware-type containers instead of the ones pictured.

  3. The containers pictured are beautiful but what good is pretty when the materials dry up! LOL! Sometimes you just have to be practical...I was even thinking zipper style lunch(the snack size) bags would be a good solution as they would utilize some fine motor skills and hand strength.