Thursday, September 19, 2013

Painting with Primary Colors

I wanted to share the following art lesson which the children have been really enjoying.  In all honesty, I was a bit skeptical about this activity as it contains numerous steps and details to remember - with it still being so early in the school year, I was wondering if the lesson might be too complex.  The children, however, have amazed me once again and are completing this lesson with aplomb!

Materials on the shelf:  white paper; wooden art tray with cardboard circle cutout (this was saved from a board game); tray with jar for filling with water; paintbrush; dish with sponge; small tray with pencil and two small clothespins; paint palette.
First, the child brings the materials to a workspace and fills the jar with water.  Then, the clothespins are used to clip the cardboard on the the paper.  Next, the child traces the circles onto the paper, as in this photo.
Now, the child removes the clothespins and cardboard and begins filling in the circles with the paint.  To change colors, the paintbrush is dipped in the water-filled jar and excess water is dabbed onto the sponge.
The children are having much fun with this lesson!!!

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