Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mondrian Paper Collage

The beginning of the school year seems to me the ideal time to explore primary colors.  Currently, we have numerous Practical Life exercises highlighting these colors on the shelves.  I thought it would be pertinent to introduce the children to Piet Mondrian's compositions while learning about lines, angles, and color while simultaneously practicing basic collage techniques.

I introduced this activity at circle time by showing the children a Mondrian print which is displayed on our Sign-in Table.  We talked about the various elements of the piece and then I demonstrated how to make the collage:

The materials on the art shelf:  white construction paper; small tray with black strips; three sizes of squares in primary colors; tray with glue and pencil.

The child places all components of the project on the tray and carries it to a workspace at a table.  Next, the child begins gluing the back lines...

...and colored squares...
Mondrian inspired collage.

Here are some finished pieces hanging in our hallway - I do love how the attention to angles and lines is so apparent!