Thursday, October 31, 2013

Animals of Africa Booklets

As we have been studying the continent of Africa, the children have been practicing reading and writing skills through the names of African animals.  Recently, I added the animals of Africa cards to our Animals of the World sorting activity and utilized them to make booklets.

Animals of the World:  Africa cards
The materials of the booklet making activity are set up at a table in the Language area of the classroom as this lesson promotes the skills of reading and writing along with geographical concepts:

Pre-assembled booklets; tray with a stamp of Africa, stamp pad, and colored pencils; control booklet.
First the child stamps the continent on the cover of the booklet and writes 'Africa.'
The cover page is colored and students may continue their writing practice.
Each page is ready to be colored and labeled. 
All of the animals from the set of cards are included in the booklet.
In addition to providing writing and reading practice, it is also my hope that they will provide some meaningful peer interactions as students practice reading their booklets to each other.

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