Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Making Greeting Cards

A new activity recently placed on the Language shelves is writing greeting cards.  I love how this lesson allows for plenty of writing practice while giving the children opportunities to think of others.  I set the materials up in our writing area which includes a laminated display of cursive letters.  A set of small colored pencils in a crayon roll creates a wonderful point of interest for the kids.  There is also a set of small stamps to use for decorating the cards.  Behind the basket tray are the folded papers for cards.

Card making activity on the shelf above the Marker and Story Papers.

A series of greeting card wishes which include 'I love you', 'Happy Birthday', 'I'm sorry' (if someone would like to apologize for something), 'Sending happiness your way', and I'm glad you are my friend,' among a few others.  

Colored pencils for writing and drawing placed in a crayon roll.

...and stamping!
We have some very proud writers (and happy recipients) as a result of this greeting card writing activity! :)


  1. I love this!
    Where did you get your writing paper?
    Also what is the laminated alphabet card used for?

  2. Thank you. The paper is simply white construction paper cut in half lengthwise and folded. I placed the alphabet card next to the writing activity mainly for a point of interest but also so that the children may refer to it as they are writing their cards.

  3. I really love this activity.Greeting cards which we make and then gift it,it gives a delightful feeling to its receiver that someone has done so much for him.

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