Saturday, October 27, 2012

Coming Together

Things are definitely coming together in the classroom.  It brings me much joy to see the growth and progress being made each day.  It amazes me that such leaps in development can be identified in the smallest of details.  If one is continuously and closely observing, these details can be seen everywhere in our classroom - and I am so fortunate to be able to share my days with these children and watch them unfold before my very eyes! :)  Here are some pictures from the week:

Number writing practice on the chalkboard.

Exploring the Brown Stair.  
Learning about varying shades of color with the Third Color Tablet Box.

Matching primary and secondary colors with the Second Box of Color Tablets.

Animals of the World

Developing the hand for writing - Touch Boards.

Practical Life - Tonging.  I recently placed these eye-catching acorns in the bowl - the children have enjoyed this small change.

Understanding size and dimension while working with the Pink Tower and Brown Stair.

Working with the Grammar Symbols and Farm for an 'Adjective' lesson.

Tonging and sorting dark/light beads.

Spooning - this little spoon is a major point of interest! :)

Pin pushing the shape of North America.

Working with the Parts of a Flower puzzle.

Introducing to the Golden Beads - counting ten hundreds in one thousand.

Polishing glass

Writing practice with the Sandpaper Letters.

Learning the names of continents with the Puzzle Map of the World.

Birthday greetings for family members.

Playing the Memory Game of Numbers with items from around the classroom.

Working with the Knobless Cylinders.

Reading color names and matching objects.

Teen Beads

Drawing and writing practice with the Marker Paper.

Buckle Frame practice.

Number writing with the Sandpaper Numbers.

Metal Inset work - one shape, two positions, and two colors.
Our class enjoyed an autumn nature walk on Friday morning.  Here, the children are counting and sorting the treasures we found during the nature walk.
One of our shelves has a decorative table runner from India on the top.  One child was taking a closer look and exclaimed, "Hey look!  It's [cursive] 'i'!" and proceeded to trace it.  This made my day, my week, my year... perhaps my teaching career....! :)

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