Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Reflections

Wow, what an eager response we have seen with this art activity (which I found years ago at!  The children have clamored to make one of these:

A tray with small dish for brown oil pastel and pencil; paint in autumn colors each with a sponge brush; a wooden tool to use for rubbing.  Behind the tray are pieces of white construction paper folded in half lengthwise.

Making tree trunks and branches across the top half of the paper with the brown oil pastel.  Next, the child folds down the paper and rubs the back with the rubbing tool to create a reflected image of the trees on the bottom half of the paper (for which I do not have a photograph!).

Adding leaves to the trees with the sponge brushes.

Folding the paper again and pressing...

...and opening to reveal the reflected image.

The following day, or when the paint dries, the sky and water were added with a blue wash.

'Fall Reflections' in our hallway.

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  1. A question I have about quiet time. Do you have any ideas about how to help the children have restful bodies? Right now we have the children sit or lay around line and they listen to music but for some children it doesn't seem to phase them that it is quiet time.