Saturday, March 17, 2012

Another Week

gone by...    Here are some pictures of what we've been up to:

A colorful shape sorting activity which has been used for not only sorting shapes, but also for counting and patterning.
Practical Life:  Spooning colored rice.
Number matching:  One of my young three's chose this work from the shelf and began tracing the felt numbers.  Then, on her own, she started matching the Sandpaper Numbers to the shamrocks.

Pink Tower and Brown Stair extensions - and drawing them, too! :)

Days of the Week reading practice.

Which one is different?  I made this small set of pre-reading cards several years ago using some fun stickers.  The dots used to cover the 'different' object is simply a foam circle.

Folding Cloths

Tactile discrimination (temperature) with the Thermic Tablets.
Constructive Triangles:  Large Hexagonal Box

Geography:  Map of Asia

Dynamic Addition:  3,788 + 3,467 = 7,255

Sealing with glue to make shamrock shapes.
(Click on caption to read more about it).

Static Subtraction with the Stamp Game.

Patterns and colors - lots of fun with this enrichment material!
Linear and skip counting with the Hundred Chain.

Finding a quiet spot with the Silence Game.
Tens Board:  Here, the child is counting from 11-99 (yes, she did all of them at once!).  This pictures shows her making the numeral 25 next to the two tens and five units.
Working with the Trinomial Cube.
I brought these extension cards for the Knobless Cylinders in hopes of renewing interest in the material.
First Control of the Addition Snake Game (control of error).
More Pink Tower and Brown Stair work.


  1. I love the drawing with the pink tower and brown stairs, another idea for our classroom. Thanks a lot Sasha.

  2. Pure Awesomeness!! I really wish my children were younger because I think I would move so that they could be in your classroom!! Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Thank you, thank you both Family and Co and Discovering Montessori - and here I was thinking this post wasn't so exciting... Thanks for reminding me how fortunate I am! :)

  4. Hi Sasha,
    Just a thought ... to extend the "what's different" activity for older students, could they make their own What's Different cards to add to that work? They could draw shapes, or small pictures, put a hole in the pages, attach a ring, and leave it for the younger children to do.

    Also, have your students tried matching the knobless cylinders to the Knobbed Cylinders? It's fun pulling the knobbed cylinders out of the block and matching them to the knobless. In my training we also learned matching the knobless to each other (I can't remember ... would have to look at my album ... but something like green on top of yellow ...)

    Love your blog and I recommend it to friends all the time!

  5. Wonderful ideas, Laura! I especially like the idea of having the older students making sets of cards for the younger ones. They would just love it! It would be fun to make the matching Knobless Cylinders to the knobbed into some kind of game... Hmm, that has me thinking! Thanks so much for the ideas.