Saturday, March 3, 2012

Feeling Green?

Well, no - we're just seeing it everywhere these days in the classroom which is helping to ring in this new month!  The children have simply been ecstatic over the new activities on the shelves this week.  I think it must be a combination of the different materials and the fact that they had just returned from a week long vacation.  Seriously, I was so inspired by their joy and excitement, making all my efforts completely worthwhile!  Here are some snapshots of our week back at school:

Water transferring with a dropper.

A Cards and Counters variation with 'Shamrocks and Lucky Pennies'. 

Metal Inset work on pastel paper - green, of course!

Beading on pipe cleaners... make a rainbow.  As you might imagine, this activity has been in perpetual use!

Using this wooden heart shape... trace and paint at the easel for making shamrocks.

 This child was introduced to the three letter phonetic word cards. 
Practical Life:  Tweezing gold pom-poms.

Major interest in the bells!  One child, after excitedly trying each bell one at a time, declared, "Oh, they all sound different from each other!"  (I am still waiting for a real mallet - this one is just temporary.)

One of my students went to Florida during last week's vacation and brought these shells back!  I set them up in a basket along with a piece of black felt and a magnifying glass for the children to examine.

Practicing folding with a new art lesson (which I'll post about soon).

Reading practice with the Labeling the Environment activity.

Working with the Small Hexagonal Box of Constructive Triangles.

Renewed interest with the Color Tablets - here, the child is grading the Third Box from darkest to lightest.

Static Subtraction with the Stamp Game.

A new sewing lesson using burlap and an embroidery hoop.
Numbers 11-19 clover line.
Memory Game of Numbers with items from around the classroom.

Golden Beads:  Static Addition
2,463 + 2,332 = 4,795

Sorting coins.

Pink Tower and Brown Stair extension work.


  1. Noel and Griff are excited to see the new March activities. I think we will try to do some of these while here! Thanks for your posts!

  2. How we are missing those guys! Yesterday, one of the kids said, "Oh, man! It's taking a LONG time for Noel and Griff to get back!" Too cute. Hope all is well and glad you can enjoy some ideas from the classroom! :)