Saturday, July 16, 2011

Who Needs a Slip-n-Slide....

when the kids can make this?

Home-made water slide!
Look what happens when kids come up with their own ways of having fun using things from around the house! 

And for a variation on a theme, who needs a trampoline when they can make this?



...FLIP!  (He lands on his back, not his head!)
I appreciate the thought and creativity that went into these endeavors.  In fact, it reminds me why I refuse to give into the typical gadgetry which seem to be so popular among children these days.  And surprisingly, we have yet to experience a trip to the ER....  Nevertheless,I would much rather have my children build and experiment though activities such as these than have them "exercising their thumbs" with video games...  I'm "old-school," and proud of it - and my kids are not missing out on anything!


  1. Okay, I am seriously on my way outside right this very second to track down my partner, who is ostensibly cleaning out the car, and ask him to find some plastic tarps for the girls to turn into slip 'n slides.

  2. Yes - What great summer fun! Enjoy! And thanks for visiting my blog. Sasha