Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Toddler Games

In all my "craftiness" during the summer months, I couldn't help but make some fun toddler activities.  An impromptu jaunt to the craft store proved to be all the inspiration that was needed...  It served as a reminder about the endless possibilities which can come from simple wood pieces and some paint!  Here is what I made for Little Miss:

Disclaimer:  I am not really a crafter - I just like to make things.  I do not consider myself in any way shape or form a professional crafter.  I know there are many crafters who do this type of thing for a living and have gorgeous goods (think: Etsy...) I am not one of those talented people! ;-)

A simple shape matching exercise using wooden discs and shapes:

And her new favorite - A color matching game with "little friends."  Originally, I was just going to paint the pegs all one color, but I found it irresistible to paint tiny faces... They are not perfect by any means, but this activity has certainly generated many moments of pure joy!  The following video shows her playing with this new game.  She astounded me with her focus and concentration while discovering new ways to use them...  While I'm not a trained Infant/Toddler teacher, from a Montessori observational standpoint, this video is quite revealing:


  1. I love the simple shape matching game!!

  2. And it's so easy to make too! Also, I plan to add more shapes later... Thanks for the comment! Sasha

  3. Sasha
    These are great toddler activities. I fell in love with the peg people in the pots. You made it so tempting and attractive ;-) I wish I had such a set to play with ;-) Tomorrow, I'm going to hunt our local craft store to find similar creatures;-) Antek will be delighted ;-)

    I love the way your little beauty work with the material ;-)


  4. Hi Ewa!
    You'll have fun using them too! Good luck at the craft store - I can't wait to see what you will find!
    Take care,

  5. I LOVE your Little Miss activities and videos, Sasha! Little Miss is adorable - and such a great little Montessori example! In addition to adding your toddler posts to my Montessori toddler environment article, I pinned this post to my Pinterest board at http://pinterest.com/debchitwood/diy-sensorial-extensions/

  6. Oh, thank you Deb! I had so much fun making these and watching my daughter use them was even better! :) I am honored that you've used my posts in your toddler environment article and to your Pinterest board. Thanks again!