Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Sibling Art

I have a plan  for our dining room at home and one element is a wall featuring art by the children.  Given that we are fortunate to have my college-bound step son with us for the summer, I decided to put together this art activity in which all four kids could participate.  Hopefully, their collective art will grace a prominent wall in our dining room once I have it all re-organized and re-decorated (that part might take a while though...)  In the meantime, here is what the kids completed one summer afternoon:

First, each child used masking tape to section off an 18x24 canvas into as many pieces/shapes as they wished.

Here are the boys using masking tape (hard to see it...) to make linear shapes on their canvases. 

Now, they begin painting inside the shapes which the tape created.

Little Miss joined in when she woke up from her nap.

All four kids enjoying the moment!

We waited for the paint to dry and then...

...everyone pulled off the tape from their canvas which revealed...
...four unique pieces of art, each representative of a moment in time!
Without a doubt, these will bring much life into the dining room where I plan to showcase them - more on that later...  This project could easily be done on a smaller scale using either smaller canvases or fewer children.  It could also be easily adapted to the classroom setting.  Most meaningful for our family, however, was this project's ability to include the full range of ages of our children and so beautifully represented them both individually and  as siblings. 

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