Friday, July 15, 2011

Art Caddy

At long last, we finally have an ideal solution for the children's art supplies at home.  It seemed as if we could never find what we needed or the items would be scattered in different locations throughout the house - not helpful in the midst of creative endeavors....!  When I re-organzied the pantry, additional space was made across from the open shelves which made the perfect spot for art supplies, papers, etc.  The best part about our new art caddy is that the two-tiered server and glass jars are dollar store finds - thrifty solutions are the best! 
Art caddy for basic supplies.


  1. These jars look very nice. I'm also in the process of reorganizing my boys' room so it would look and feel much more organised.
    It's all happening due to your pantry makeover and something that I read in one of M. Montessori's books that children are what they love";-) I guess the environment plays a very important role in that.
    Thank you Sasha so much. You are such a great source of inspiration ;-)

  2. Thrifty finds can be so fun! I'm glad you've found a solution on how to store your art supplies at home. How do you do it in the classroom? I just shared linked post on creating a childrens art studio (a couple of days ago), so I'd love to hear what you do in the classroom.

  3. Thank you both! I do feel that it's better for everyone when things are organized and have a "home." At school, art supplies are kept in an entire closet and I take out what I need for specific lessons or for separate trays as individuals works. The next time I'm at school, I 'll be sure to take some photos - maybe it would make an interesting post...! Thanks, Sasha