Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oral Exams - Part 2: Sound Boxes

The second day of exams was met with even more nervous anticipation than the previous day!  There were so many more points of contention within the lessons and we all seemed to remember different aspects and details for each presentation in the album.  I unfolded the small strip of paper after choosing from "the dish," and was somewhat worried:  "Sound Boxes,"  it read.  Immediately, memories of last summer's presentation flashed in my mind and I remembered a panicky-confused feeling while watching the trainer's lesson - this lesson, as written in the album, was clearly not the way I ever presented it in the classroom, nor did I see a supremely valid reason why it should be done as such.

During last summer's session, I distinctly remember watching with confusion as the trainer kept switching hands while listening to each of the Sound Cylinders.  It could have been that at that point in the summer I was simply overloaded with information and I was having difficulties processing additional details! The point remained, however, that I felt the lesson was in need of slight revision so that it may be presented in the most clear, concise manner. 

Over the course of the follwoing school year, I made a conscious effort to analyze the presentations of the Sensorial lessons which utilized the matching of pairs, specifically when there is a "reference" item; i.e. Touch Tablets, Fabrics, Smelling Bottles, Thermic Tablets...  In these lessons, the child identifies a "reference" and uses that as a guide not only in the progression of the exercise, but also in the organization of the material within the workspace.  Additionally, the child must feel (or smell) the item throughout the lesson by touching with one hand.  It also allows for the child to see the lesson more clearly and not be distracted my too many movements.  For these reasons, I feel that the Sound Boxes must also be handled in the same manner - by using just one hand. 

Upon reflecting on my experiences in the classroom with the Sound Boxes, I definitely felt more confident as my turn approached an the presentation commenced.  It went smoothly and the purpose of the lesson was demonstrated clearly.  Through the use of the Sound Boxes as child is able to train his auditory capacities and become aware of the sounds around him.  After discussing the details of the material during the feedback portion of the exam, I reminded the panel of my changes within the lesson which was met with appreciation and understanding.  ("Whew!")

A set of Sound Boxes (from Montessori-n-Such).  Please note:  Placement of boxes and cylinders are not shown the way they are presented in my classroom!
I'd be most interested in hearing how others present the Sound Boxes as well.  As always, thanks so much for your input and comments!

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