Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Line Art

One of the newest Art lessons I recently placed on the shelves uses a ruler, black marker and oil pastels.  The child uses the marker to make straight lines on paper and fills in the resulting shapes with vibrant colors of oil pastels.  To add a touch of interest to the activity, I placed the oil pastels in our well-loved crayon roll.  The children enjoy unbuttoning and unrolling the crayon roll to set up their work just as much as rolling it back up and buttoning it closed at the end.

The materials on the shelf:  tray holding jar with pencil and black marker, crayon roll filled with oil pastels, clear art mat under tray, napkin holder holding white construction paper cut in half,  a print of Piet Mondrian's work for interest and inspiration!

Contents of crayon roll: I used only seven colors and did not fill all of the slots because I did not want to overwhelm the children with too many color choices...

First, the child makes lines with the ruler and black marker. (The pencil is used to write the child's name on the back of the paper).

Now, the shapes are filled with oil pastels...

Some finished pieces in our hallway - Very cheerful, bright and representative of each individual child!


  1. I love how you present this activity!

  2. Thank you for this posting! I literally was searching this morning for coloring pages in his style to put out tomorrow. You saved me from almost denying the kids a great opportunity. This is hundred times better! Amazed at the skills invloved and opportunity for self expression. Thanks again, this lesson beats a boring, premade print out any day!

  3. Hello,
    (I just realized I posted the last comment while logged into an old account)
    Anyways I wanted to stop by and let you know we put the line art lesson out in class and the kids absolutely loved it! Many of them had never used a ruler before so the learning involved was amazing. You can see some photos and read about our version of the lesson here:

    Thanks again for the great idea.

  4. Cmanthe, Thank you so much for sharing your link - the artwork turned out beautifully! I just tried to leave a comment on your post, but was unsuccessful... Let this lesson remind us all that sometimes, the simplest things are the best! Take care, Sasha