Friday, June 10, 2011

Classroom Scenes From This Week

 Static Addition with the Stamp Game.
Exploring differences of temperature with the Thermic Tablets.

Sewing a shape with needle and thread. 

Addition tables with the Addition Strip Board.
Fun with the Dot Game!

Reading practice with phonetic word cards.  This child was enjoying telling a story that used each word she read!

A lesson about the articles 'a' and 'the.'

Coloring a "Peaceful Person" template. 

Exploring concepts of geometry with the Superimposed Geometric Figures.

The Negative Snake Game (Subtraction) in progress...
...and completed.

Some fun rainbow art - just started...

...and the rainbow completed!
Addition with Number Rods and Cards

Extension work with the Brown Stair.  Here, the child wished to trace the end of each prism onto dark paper, resulting in an intriguing series of various sized squares.

Carefully inscribing the red squares from the Superimposed Geometric Figures.

Tracing numbers.

Refining writing skills and learning about leaf shapes with the Botany Cabinet.

Small-motor practice with colors and clothespins!


  1. I love seeing all their work. At what point does a child move from addition with the golden bead material to addition with the stamp game?

  2. That is a great question - It really comes down to the child and at which point he is searching for something "new and different." I also make sure the child has had sufficient experience with with both static and dynamic addition with golden beads. In my experience, by the time a child is ready for the Stamp Game, they may also have already done multiplication with golden beads as well... Also, they have to be comfortable writing numbers for Stamp Game. Occasionally, there will be a child who is capable of the Stamp Game, but not necessarily writing numbers yet. In that case, I provide a set of number stamps so the child may "write" the numbers by stamping. I hope this helps! Sasha

  3. I love the clothespins and felt activity for older toddlers. I'm sure my preschooler would love to help her brother with that work! What a great suggestion. Thank you!