Friday, June 3, 2011

Nearing the End of School

The last part of the school year always affords me the opportunity to reflect on how far the children have come in their growth and learning.  During the past week, we have seen several new lessons presented in the classroom indicating the children are still eager to learn and unfazed by the upcoming summer vacation.  Here are a few snapshots of life in the classroom over the past week:

Teen Board and Beads.  Here the child is associating the number symbol with its quantity.

Playing the Memory Game of Numbers with colorful frogs - everyone wanted to play with these inviting frogs!

The children completing this work decided to make a parade around the farm using the conjunction "and."  When I came back several minutes later....

...they had begun symbolizing the phrases with the Grammar Symbols.

Learning about odd and even numbers with Cards and Counters.

Learning a new way to check the work with Addition Snake Game using the Second Control.  (Read more about the Addition Snake Game here.)
Color Mixing lesson.

Independent work with the Article Box.
Addition Facts with the Addition Strip Board.

More color-mixing!

Using our new Smelling Bottles - you can read about them in the previous post!

There was much excitement over the introduction to this Dot Game!  This is a fun math activity where the child is given opportunities to further understand the decimal system and to demonstrate the ability to work with large numbers.  This lesson also shows how in each category, there is never a number higher than 9 so it is just as easy to add tens of thousands as it is units. 

Tonging pony beads and sorting them by color.

Practical Life:  Leather Polishing
 Can you believe we only have three weeks left of school?  The children have come so far in their development since we began in September and I am looking forward to the remaining days in our classroom together.


  1. So much going on, it is wonderful to see all the fun lessons. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It's great to be able to show what happens in our class! I'm glad you like it! Sasha

  3. I love the way you bring special meaning to your addition strip boards with your booklets, Sasha! I featured two of your addition strip board posts and your addition strip board photo in my DIY Addition Strip Board and Strip Board Presentation post at