Monday, May 30, 2011

Superimposed Geometric Figures

There was a box of "goodies" on my doorstep when I came home from school the other day...I had ordered some new materials for the classroom and one of the purchases was a set of Superimposed Geometric Figures.  This Sensorial material consists of three sets of squares, circles and triangles in varying colors (red, yellow, blue) and sizes. One of the reasons I made this purchase was because I appreciate the creative aspect of the material.  Once the child is introduced to the language of "inscribed" and "concentric" shapes in the initial presentation, he is free to further explore the relationship between shapes and figures. 

The set of material includes three separate boxes of shapes:

The boxes arrived as pictured above (not pictured are the lids for each box):  Each box contains all three shapes in the same color with different sizes.
 If one were to place all three boxes on the shelf in the classroom, it would be too overwhelming for the children.  These boxes not only need to be introduced one at a time, but they also must be prepared for the initial presentation.  For this reason, I rearranged the shapes into the boxes like this:

The figures arranged according to form.  Now, each box contains only one shape in varying colors and sizes.
The first time I introduce this lesson, I will only use the first box (squares) to introduce the words, "inscribed" and "concentric":

The first box of Superimposed Geometric Figures.
 While preparing for the Oral Examinations in June which will complete my Montessori training, my husband recorded me giving the initial presentation to our oldest son one evening at home.  It consists of a Three-Period Lesson for showing "inscribed" and "concentric" shapes.

Once introduced in the classroom, I will be curious to see how the children will respond to this material!  Also, I would be most interested to hear how others have used or are using the Superimposed Geometric Figures in your classrooms or homes!


  1. Love to see the video and the language of Montessori teaching! And AnaSofia loves a chance to see you too!

  2. So sweet! I'm glad you found the video useful and I appreciate your feedback! Sasha

  3. Out of curiosity, where the super-imposed figures used very much?

  4. Great question - they are usually used more often towards the end of year because I prefer to introduce them after a child has worked with all of the Constructive Triangles.