Friday, May 6, 2011

"Muffins for Moms"

Each year, the children in my class host a Mother's Day event, "Muffins for Moms."  Prior to this august occasion, the children busily prepare - baking muffins, making 'fruit kabobs,' as well as making their individual gifts and cards.  This year was no different and the children and families look forward to this annual special event.  While I did not get the chance to take any pictures of the food preparation to share with you, the kids took pride in baking muffins for their moms.  Also, we set up a 'fruit kabob" table during the past two days and the children were able to assemble grapes, cantaloupe, and strawberries onto to toothpicks to serve their moms with the muffins.

I appreciate the special nature of such an event as it truly gives the parent an opportunity to observe their child in a Montessori setting.  Often times, they are amazed by the child's ability to simply pour themselves a drink or even more so, watch them clean the dishes!  In this manner, the child is also able to share with their parent a meaningful  part of their day. 

During our "Muffins for Moms,' event, each child  invites their mom to a special treat of muffins, fruit and orange juice.  The child sets the place mats, napkins, etc. and serves their mom and themselves this tasty treat.  Once they have enjoyed their snack together, the child cleans everything up and invites them to one of their favorite activities in the classroom.  Needless to say, the moms are always thankful and welcome the chance to spend time with their child in the classroom.  At the end, the child presents their mom the Mother's Day gift and card. 

Happy Mother's Day!

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