Saturday, January 14, 2017

Winter Classics

Our classroom has been abuzz with lively winter activities since our return in the new year.  We also notice measurable progress within the children's Montessori lessons as they are mastering concepts, and receiving subsequent lessons.  What a delight to notice these developments because it serves as evidence of the student's comfort and ease in the classroom.  What is most rewarding, is knowing that the majority of our students were new to the environment in the fall, and now they have created a classroom culture all on their own.  Please find a few photos from around the classroom over the past two weeks:

Using a sifter to separate colored rice and flour. Here, the child is spooning the mixture into the sifter...

...and sifting the flour to separate the rice.  As you might imagine, this lesson has been in constant use!

Fine motor development with this water transfer work using a pipette.

Linear and skip counting with the Hundred Chain.

Quantity and number symbol with the Short Bead Hanger.

'Winter Trees' nuts and bolts variation to build concentration and coordination.

Making mixture to use a whisk to make bubbles.

More quantity work with the Short Bead Stair.

Saying the letter sound and finding its match on the Alphabet Roll.

Building snowflakes with few peices, following the visual cues from the cards.

Playing a distance matching game with the Brown Stair prisms and set of cards.

A fun variation:  Using clothespins to hang snowflakes on the clotheslines

Carefully pouring water into four cups.

Identifying the ending sound that is different.

Extension work with the the Second Color Tablet Box.

Linear and skip counting while comparing Short Chains.

Number writing practice on the squared chalkboard.

Here the child has created with the Pink Tower and Brown Stair, and is drawing his creation.

Rhyming mittens.

Recording work with the Teen Beads.

Naming continents with the Map of the World.

Magnetic or Non-Magnetic.

Setting up the Small Number Cards for addition with the golden beads.

Success with addition!