Monday, May 23, 2011

Bean and Seed Mosaics

Each month, I try to vary the Art activities placed on the shelves to provide a variety of lessons and opportunities to practice specific skills.  During the past weeks, the children in my class have been creating Bean and Seed Mosaics.  This lesson allows a child to practice not only their gluing skills but also develops and refines the pincer grasp while simultaneously enhancing concentration and coordination.  I also appreciate how the activity fosters creativity and self- expression. 

Materials for making a Bean and Seed Mosaic:  Tray with beans/seeds;  muffin tin; glue mat (under muffin tin); white (or light colored) crayon for writing name on black paper; paper divider with cream colored paper which is slightly smaller than the black paper (both colors are heavy cardstock); gluing materials (small condiment cups and q-tips cut in half).

The child has set up the materials and writes his name on back of black paper.  Note:  The muffin tin and glue are placed to the left of the workspace to promote the training of the eye in movement from left to right (reading/writing preparation).

The child places small amounts of glue in corners of light paper, turns it over and presses it onto the black paper.  This creates a simple frame or mounting for the artwork...

Glue is placed on the front of the light paper and....

...the beans and seeds are pressed onto the glue.
I have been continually amazed at the thought and care the children are putting into their mosaics.  It is interesting to observe how some children will naturally design patterns and lines while others simply enjoy the process of gluing.

Some finished mosaics in our hallway - each one just as unique as the child who made it!


  1. Beautiful way to express oneself. We definitely going to try this form of artistic expression.

  2. Thank you, Ewa! I can tell the children enjoy the activity because they repeat it often. I also think the warm, earth tone colors of the beans and seeds are soothing to the eye. Thanks for your comment.