Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On the Homefront

A couple of weeks ago, Mr. Man came home from school with a painting rolled up in his backpack.  As I unrolled the paper, I immediately noticed the eye-catching colors and deliberate angle of lines.  I looked closer and saw a door with windows, flowers in the garden and white posts around a brown deck.  All around were beautiful trees, fresh with spring green...Mr. Man had painted  his home!  Each time I look at this artwork, a smile spreads across my face and my heart is warmed because I am so touched that this is how he sees his home, sweet home.

Mr. Man's painting of our home.  (Sorry for the glare...)
In other art news, Big Stuff accompanied me to the classroom one Saturday morning and was impressed by the Pollack- inspired drip painting which the children recently completed (which you can read about here).  I guess it really left an impression on him because the next day, I found him in our kitchen with a jar of water, a brush and all of his watercolors.  He was immensely enjoying the process of splattering watercolors on his paper (luckily, he remembered to put some newspapers all around!).  He repeated this splatter process with a few different colors and declared, "Now, it has to dry until tomorrow."  I thought he might forget about his self-initiated project as the day progressed and he immersed himself with other activities.  The next morning, however, I found him again with the watercolors - completely having a great time splattering away!  Once he was finished, he presented the painting to me and said, "This is for your classroom, Mom."  Now this colorful painting adorns a wall at school and each time I see it, I reminded of the very reason I started my little Montessori school!

Big Stuff's splatter painting.
Thanks boys, for putting a smile on my face!


  1. Just wanted to say hi! Found your blog via Montessori Print Shop. Very inspiring, thanks. And welcome to my blog too!

  2. Hi Maria, Thanks for visiting my blog - I'm glad you find it inspiring. Thank you also for welcoming me to your blog! Sasha