Friday, May 13, 2011

Seen Around the Classroom...

Dressing Frames galore!  (Buckle Frame; Zipper Frame)

 I have never seen the Dressing Frames being used as much as I have during the past few months (as evidenced by this photo and the ones to follow).  It is inspiring to see the children's concentration, independence and confidecnce grow as a result of these types of activities.

Lacing Frame

Bow Tying Frame

Pouring water into several vessels.  Although unseen in the photo, this child was concentrating so intently that his tougue was sticking out!

Reading  three-letter phonetic words and extension work with the Small Moveable Alphabet.

Exploring dimensions of form with Geometric Cabinet shapes while practicing tracing/writing skills.

Learning about the decimal system.

Vigorous chair-washing!  This activity, among other cleaning lessons, promotes long periods of deep concentration.

Lessons with the Geometric Cabinent shapes and corresponding cards.

More Dynamic Addition with the Golden Beads...  Here, the children discovered the concept of multiplication!

The essential lesson of Handwashing.

Pre-reading activity:  Opposites Puzzle  (I wonder if the kids love the vintage illustrations as much as I do.....!)

Trinomial Cube exercise:  Building the cube outside of the box.

A basic (yet critical) Science lesson:  Sorting Living/Non-Living

Working with Three-Part Language Cards - Farm Animals:  First, the child lays out the cards with only the picture.  Then, they read the cards with only the word and match it to the picture.  Lastly, the child checks his work using the cards with word and picture.

Learning to tell the time.

Height comparison with the Knobless Cylinders.

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  1. Enjoy your site! Where did you get your moveable alphabet box and letter cards? Thank you