Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Peace Day

Last week, our class began working on a collaborative art piece in honor of International Peace Day (September 21st).  For many of our students, this is a new topic and certainly an abstract idea to begin comprehending.  One of the most important concepts we try to incorporate is the idea that peace begins with each of us and how we can work together in our own classroom to help make a more peaceful world.  Our circle time discussions have been guided by the following two books:

We discussed how the dove is a symbol of peace and the children looked for doves in our classroom.  We have a couple of Picasso prints, a few collaborative art projects from previous years (HERE as well), and numerous other places in our classroom with this special symbol.  It was meant to be that the collaborative art project for this year's class turned out the way it did:

"Peace is Filling the World with Love"

A close up of the dove - We did not plan this, but noticed that the space left over once all the children had placed their handprint inside the heart resembled the outline of a dove!

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