Saturday, September 6, 2014

First Steps

We have had a week filled with many 'firsts' as most of our students are brand new to our classroom.  To give my readers some perspective, 76% of all recored lessons in our classroom this week were under categories of 'Basic Classroom Skills,' 'Control of Movement,' or 'Grace and Courtesy' in the Practical Life curriculum!  We are taking our 'first steps' together and I am looking forward watching the children learn and grow in their independence while realizing their full potential.
Working with kinetic sand - this has proven to be a very popular activity!

Sorting stones/gems by color.

Rolling a mat.

Using a Cylinder Block - this material was very popular with this particular group!

A language activity with opposites puzzles.

Transferring water with a baster.

A basic transferring activity with a spoon and small red bells.

Opening and closing boxes.

Bears in a Line - this activity helps to show how to properly form a line.

September calendar work.

Scissor practice.

Learning to snap with the Snap Frame.

Early language work - matching pictures.

Writing practice with the Sandpaper Letters.

Pouring colored water.

Transferring pom poms.

Enjoying the nature mandala art.

A fine motor activity using just the fingers - placing gems into the spaces to form the number 'one'.

Pre-reading language work - matching pictures.

Building concentration with another fine motor activity - placing rubber bands over the box and then removing them.


  1. I see a few new works out this year! You must have the best karma for finding items for the classroom :D That tree ring is sooo gorgeous for sorting, LOVE!

  2. Ahh, yes the sorting tree ring! It WAS a special acquisition - I won it during a blind auction at a workshop!