Saturday, September 20, 2014

And, the Lessons Continue

As one might imagine, we have been giving lessons, lessons, and more lessons.  It has been exciting watching the children's use of materials expand each day.  Our observations are helping us know where to guide the children and support their needs.  I love watching our classroom become so active!

Writing preparation and tactile discrimination with the Touch Boards.

Promotion of CCIO (Concentration, Coordination, Independence and Order) with the Leather Polishing activity.

Early reading practice.

Building concentration,  coordination of movement, and visual discrimination with the Pink Tower.

Careful exploration of the Brown Stair.

The ever popular rock painting pre-writing activity.

Still practicing lining up with these bears!

Number writing practice with the Sandpaper Numbers.

More sensorial work with the Red Rods.

Hand washing practice at the Hand Washing Table.

Golden Bead decimal system work: Counting the thousand cube with the hundred square.

Practicing buttoning with the Button Frame.

Developing the pincer grasp and visual discrimination of size with a Cylinder Block.

Number Rods and Cards.

Counting the decimal system.

Working with the Second Color Box.

Tactile discrimination with the Fabrics lesson - pairng various textures by touch (with eyes closed or with blindfold).

Number writing practice with Sandpaper Numbers and the squared chalkboard.

Caring for our classroom plants.

Forming an understanding quantity with the Number Rods.

Sounding out three letter phonetic words with the Moveable Alphabet.

Careful paper cutting practice.

Pairing primary and secondary colors with the Second Color Tablet Box.

Creating a collage with the cuttings from scissor practice and learning how to use a glue bottle.

Numbers 11-19 with the colored beads.  

Transferring with a small spoon.


  1. I presented your Bears on the Line lesson to my class and it has been one of the most popular works in the room! I love that I can change out materials all year long to maintain interest with it…

    This work takes quite a bit of concentration with those chubby little two year old fingers but they can do it!

  2. Perfect! Our Bears in a Line lesson stays out pretty much the whole year - it's a great reminder lesson when we need it...