Saturday, May 17, 2014

Reading, Writing, and Math, Oh My

There is a lot happening in the classroom these days!  Some snippets from this week:

Filling in the missing beginning sound of words using the Language Step Board.

Pink Tower/Brown Stair exploration.

Lining up the locks and keys by size and practicing opening and closing them.

Reading and sequencing numbers and days of the week with the May calendar.

Bow tying practice.

Sorting pictures by season with the Seasons Timeline lesson.

Reading practice with the Mac and Tab early reader series.  This child is using a 'reading stick' to help track the words on the page.

Linear and skip counting practice using the Short Chain of Four.

A display of wildflowers we found on our outdoor excursion.

Addition with the Colored Beads.

Handwriting practice - copying a poem onto lined paper.

Clay sculptures - the children enjoy story telling to go along with their creations.

Pairing bottles by aroma - Smelling Bottles.

Science:   exploring and experimenting with hardness of rocks.

Retrieving quantities of golden beads and counting them on a tray.

Playing the Memory Game of Numbers with items from around the classroom.

All about Australia at the sign-in table.

A Silent 'e' lesson.

Coloring a flag of Australia.

Polishing Metal - I placed a different piece of silver out on the shelf and one child remarked, "I just love the rose on top of the lid, it's so beautiful!"

Still enjoying the Aboriginal Dot Painting activity.

Phonemic awareness, pre-reading activity - placing a stone for each sound in a word.

Using all four Solid Cylinders - extra fun with a friend!

Sounding out and writing words with the Large Moveable Alphabet.

Addition facts with the Math Drawers.


  1. Hi Sasha, I like your calendar work. Did you make those? What are those colored dots for at the bottom of each number?

    1. Hi Lei, No I did not make the Calendar work - I bough it from a company called Sound Works. The dots are coordinated with the seasons - each month has the corresponding color dot for whichever seasons it is. I hope this helps...

  2. Hi Sasha,
    How does the magic e lesson work? Do they children just read the three letter word, read the new word with magic e, and then write them both down? I'm always looking for more and better magic e lessons.
    Thanks for all your wonderful posts! They're inspiring!

    1. Yes, that is the initial presentation, but I plan to introduce variations and extensions such as reversing the order ('e' first then the CVC word), having the students make their own booklets, etc.