Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Australian Aboriginal Dot Painting

Since our return from last week's Spring Break, we have been continuing our continent studies and learning about Australia.  One activity the children have been introduced to is an Australian Aboriginal art lesson.  Prior to having this lesson available on the art shelf, we looked at illustrations depicting the art of dot painting.  We have been enjoying the stories and illustrations from this book in particular:

Aboriginal Dot Painting art activity on the shelf:
Basket of various Aboriginal outlines (available HERE); cotton swabs; tray with paints and pencil (for name writing).
The work in progress (this is my youngest son who was eager to give it a try while I was setting up the classroom over spring break!).
A completed Aboriginal Dot Art project.


  1. I love this! What perfect timing, as we're studying Australia soon.

  2. Great!
    The children are enjoying the process very much - the prints (in the link in the post) are quite beautiful which creates a wonderful point of interest for the students.
    Thanks so much for reading and for your comment. :-)

  3. HOW FUNNY! On my last lesson, I used folk art around the world as my theme for art in the classroom. I chose Aboriginal dot painting as one of the folk arts from Austrailia. I just typed it up 4 days ago!

    I must be learning something by hanging around you and your blog! (thank goodness :D )

  4. Funny!
    And, I hope your lesson was well received! :-)

  5. I like this Aboriginal Art painting, especially the final sketch. Can you please update some more images of this special art painting?