Saturday, May 31, 2014

Montessori Mornings

This time of year is so exciting because the children have made such progress in their lessons and activities.  As I observed throughout this week, there were several mornings when every single work mat was in use and all the open floor space was covered - what a joy to see!

Making a booklet of Australian animals.

Writing with the Moveable Alphabet:  'my dad opened up the sop.  my mom is baking pies.'

Retrieving quantities with golden beads.

Making a collage with foam shapes.

Numbers 1-25 with the Math Step Board.

Subtraction practice with the Math Drawers.

Adding with Short Bead Stair beads.

I just LOVE this picture - caring for plants in the foreground, tracing shapes in the back…  How delicately the hands are being used!

From the other side - just as stunning. :-)

Tracing various triangles from the Geometry Cabinet.

Carefully studying size and dimension with the Pink Tower and Brown Stair.

Counting by tens after completing the Hundred Board.

Dot art with markers.

Linear and skip counting with the Hundred Chain.

Static addition with the golden beads.

Introduction to the decimal system - counting 'one ten' with 'one unit.'

Reading practice and recording words with pictures on paper.

Fine motor control - transferring small flowers with tweezers.

Handwriting practice - this child copied and illustrated a poem. 

Clapping out and sorting words by syllable - another wonderful lesson by Trillium Montessori.

These students declared today is "Sewing Friday!"

Reading practice with the Vowel Tree.

Exploring the Fraction Circles.

Linear and skip counting by sixes using the Short Chain of 6.


  1. I've been curious for a while now and thought I'd ask you because you are always so generous and clear with your explanations:

    When children are using their writing fingers for tracing shapes and outlines, is it deeply requisite that they use both the index and middle? I see the child in your photos using just the index. I see photos and videos of children tracing both ways. I do know that is really important to intercede and remodel tracing for a child who isn't doing it all. What's your thought on this, Sasha, if I may?

  2. I always present the material using the index and middle fingers, always. If I need to present the material again, I overemphasize the movement of the hand in the initial step of getting the hand ready for the movement - for example, I would simply hold up my hand and slowly show how the fingers move into position. As with everything we do, this breaks down the components slowly enough so that the child may bring them into his/her awareness.