Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lupines, Lupines, Lupines!

June is a lovely month in our area with the blossoming of a coastal Maine symbol - the beautiful lupine plant.  We always take the time to read a favorite story which enchants the children each year,  Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney:

To go along with the same theme, the children were introduced to an art activity to make their own thumbprint lupines.

White paper cut lengthwise; green paper folded with cutting lines for leaves; tray with green crayon, jar containing pencil, scissors, gluestick; small tin which contains dampened sponged with purple paint.

The child gathers materials and brings them to a table.  Next, a green line is drawn on the white paper and the leaves are cut out.  

The leaves are then glued to the bottom...

and thumbprints are added.

Of course we have to have lupines for flower arranging too!


  1. I haven't commented in several weeks, life got busy…as it does every year in May. Just wanted to stop in and say hello and leave my predictable but authentic comment of:

    I love this idea! I love your classroom!

  2. I want to say the same as Heather, splendid! And always a nice walk to come here!

  3. Thank you! Your comments have put a smile on my face. I appreciate your feedback very much.