Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Class Birthdays

I have always wanted a special place in the classroom for children to keep track of birthdays.  Inspired by Pinterest, I made the following Birthday sign/chart (I don't really know what to call it!) with craft items I already had.  The only materials purchased were the plywood and wooden letters.

Each clothespin indicates the child's name and birthdate on the front.  On the back of each clothespin is the birth month.  This way, if children remove the clothespins, they can match them back by finding the corresponding abbreviations - a great extension lesson to our Months of the Year activity seen in THIS post.

At first, I thought to hang this new Birthday sign somewhere near our calendar.  However, I found an ideal spot on the wall immediately upon entering our classroom.  It hangs above a small table to be used as a sign-in area for the children (more about that in a subsequent next post).

Looks like September will be a busy Birthday month!!!


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  2. Love this set up! Love your blog in general! It's nice to see the the prep work from other teachers, I am currently getting my own classroom ready (also Montessori) and I'd love to read/see what you do to prepare for the school year. What do you put on practical life for the first month? Art? I would love to see your "process" for preparing for the year. Thanks for your blog!

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  4. Is there a tutorial for this? I want to make some for my family members for Christmas.