Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring "Break"

These pictures are from our last week together before Spring Break.  Many have asked, "Do you have any special plans for your break?" or "Will you be traveling anywhere fun?"  My Spring "Break" plans include the formal presentation of my action research project in fulfillment of requirements for my Master's degree.  Needless to say, I'll be saving my fun and travel plans for the summer break instead... :-)

Carefully building the Pink Tower.

Fine motor practice with a water dropper activity.

Linear and skip counting with the Short Chains:  Chain of  9.

Continent sewing:  Asia.

Exploring watercolor.

Writing practice:  Metal Insets - two shapes, two colors.

Glass polishing.

Pink Tower/Brown Stair.

Still enjoying our science experiment with water and magnets.

Writing the days of the week.

Math work with the Short Chains (squares of numbers).

Visual discrimination of size and writing development (pincer grasp) with the Solid Cylinders.

Fine-motor development:  practicing with paper clips.

The Short Chains together (except for the chain of 5 which another child was using)..., to compare it to the Long Chain of 5 (5 cubed).

Many hands to clean a large classroom plant.

Filling water to the line with a baster.

Lacing shapes/cards.

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