Saturday, April 6, 2013

Filling Buckets

This week, the children have been captivated by the book, Have You Filled A Bucket Today? 

I read this book once earlier in the week, and it has made a big impression.  The children have requested to read it again and again while remembering it's message throughout our days together.  It has helped to bring a greater awareness of how one's actions can impact others and ourselves.  It has been a joy to hear the children exclaim, "My bucket it full today!"  Likewise, this book helps them articulate the actions of others as they work to solve problems as they arise.  The following pictures from this week are shared with an underlying emphasis of how our own actions make others feel - an ongoing component of any successful Montessori environment.

Painting at the easel.

Reading/matching cards with The Farm.

Writing numbers on the chalkboard.

Sharpening pencils.

A new tray to polish.

Science experiment:  Do magnets work in water?

Water transfer with a dropper.

Addition Working Chart.

Sandpaper Letter writing practice - an ongoing activity in the classroom!

Carefully putting away the Number Rods.

Metal Inset handwriting practice.

Memory Game of Numbers with items from the classroom.

Telling time practice.
Scrubbing the step stool - they declared it to be "Scrub the Stool Friday!"

Geography:  Land and Water Forms - Archipelago and System of Lakes

Decimal system practice with the cards and Golden Beads.

Cards and Counters extension.

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