Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Shades of Yellow

Our class has been enjoying learning about Asia during the past couple of weeks.  The children have been intrigued by some of the new lessons on Practical Life and Art shelves as they have a unifying theme of color.  Many of the items on the shelves are yellow to correspond with Asia on the Montessori maps and globes.  To that end, I thought it would be interesting for the children to create their own collages with a theme of yellow.  Also, the Montessori guide in me saw this an opportunity to bring an awareness of varying shades of colors my students!

Materials altogether on the shelf:  (back) Black paper, yellow paint sample strips; scissors, pencil, gluestick; basket of yellow Color Tablets from the Third Color Tablet Box.
I showed the children at circle time the variation of color using the Color Tablets from the Third Box of Color Tablets and compared them to the colors of the paint sample strip.
The child brings the tray, mat, and papers to a workspace...
cuts on the lines between the shades of colors, and glues them onto the black paper...

Such interesting combinations...  And the children have been noticing varying shades of other colors, too!  

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