Saturday, March 16, 2013

Such a Sight!

I am so excited for my students - they are learning so much.  One morning, I looked around our classroom and every single mat was in use, leaving just barely enough space for children to walk between (great motor practice by the way...).  The Continent Boxes were being explored, new variations of the Pink Tower and Brown Stair were being discovered, the Cards and Counters - mastered, sentences with the Moveable Alphabet, the discovery of learning to read...!  And, perhaps most significantly, children looking after one another, helping each other, and playing joyfully.  It was a great week:

Transferring with chopsticks.

Feeling varying temperatures with the Thermic Tablets.

Sticker Art!

Visual discrimination of length with Red Rods.

Exploring the contents of the Continent Box for Asia.

Number Rods and Cards - quantity and symbol.

Writing practice with the Marker Paper.

A drawing and writing page about Asia (inspired by THIS post).  I drew a picture of Mt. Everest, Mt. Fuji,  an elephant, and a bamboo plant.  The child draws the pictures and writes the words.  I placed the 'oo' Sandpaper Letter Phonogram at the table to highlight the 'oo' sound/symbol in 'bamboo.'

Writing phrases with the Moveable Alphabet - 'snow is falling.'

Walking the maze with the Red Rods.

Pink Tower/Brown Stair fun!

Reading practice with the three letter phonetic reading cards.

Writing practice in the Sand Tray.

Table top Number Rods and Cards.

Refinement of the olfactory sense - Smelling Bottles.

Math cards corresponding to the Short Bead Stair : numbers 1-10, beads, number word, and number symbol.

A friendly table for two: Solid Cylinders.

Exploring the Sensorial materials.

Addition with the Number Rods.


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  2. Just had to drop you a line to say how much fun I have peeking into your classroom. Seeing the sand boxes has inspired a new activity in my classroom to practice letter formation. Thanks! :)

  3. So good to hear, Amie! Thanks for stopping by - I just love checking up on your blog too! I'm now thinking about a new sewing project with felt hearts and the Tapestree Table thanks your your wonderful ideas! :)