Saturday, September 15, 2012

Small Steps...

...toward a greater goal - something I have reminded myself each day this week!  We are working hard to establish a safe and calm environment in which the children may thrive.  From the very first day of school, we have been promoting independence in the simple things - pouring a drink of water for oneself, turning on the water faucet, and learning to make decisions in self-directed activities.  We've dried many tears at drop-off, helped to clean up numerous spills, and lots of materials have ended up on the floor, but progress is already evident!  Mats are being rolled up, chairs are being pushed in, and perhaps most importantly, our Gratitude Jar is in active use.  Here are some snippets of classroom happenings this week (not very many, I'm afraid, due to the events mentioned above!).

Matching continents with the first parts of the Three Part Cards.

One of the Kindergarteners made the Maze with the Red Rods.

Science:  Magnetic/Non-magnetic work.

Opening and Closing practice.

Basic pouring.

Red Rods initial lesson.

A second year student had all four Cylinder Blocks out - a wonderful lesson to promote concentration!
Learning to thread a needle.

Vocabulary Enrichment cards - Types of Birds.

Handwashing Lesson.

Practical Life:  Polishing Leather

Learning to fold with the Folding Cloths.

Cursive writing practice which turned into...

...this!  The student has circled and numbered her favorite three letters, something she decided to do on her own.    I very much appreciate this as analyzing one's own work is an importance step in the learning process.

September calendar work.

Washing the Easel, a wonderful Practical Life lesson which promotes concentration and establishes a sense of pride in the child's environment.

Learning about form and shape with the Geometric Solids.

Math lesson with the Cards and Counters.

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