Saturday, September 8, 2012

Here We Go!

Wow, we are back into the full swing of things around here!  Our classroom came alive with many new sets of hands working with materials for the very first time.  We are also so fortunate to have a wonderful core group of returning students who have amazed me with their recall and memory of classroom procedures.  Here is a glimpse of life in our classroom during the first few days of school:

Working with the Solid Cylinders.

Practical Life skills:  Button Frame

Practical Life:  Spooning lesson

Learning how to fold with the Folding Cloths.
Pre-reading:  Colors and Matching

Practical Life:  Pouring Water (with no handles).

Practical Life:  Sponging

The Geo Board - very popular!

Another favorite - the Magnet Board.

Making a collage with the gluing lesson.

A basic Paper Cutting lesson.
Bears in a Line

Chalk Pastels

Setting a Table

The Hundred Chain - a wonderful representation of the full age range in our class this year.

Sensorial work with the Red Rods.

Pin pushing collage.
Brown Stair exploration.

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