Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Land and Water Flat Map

Last summer, I discovered a wonderful blog The Helpful Garden, where I found the map for the following lesson.  We have been exploring the elements of Earth during these first days of school and one of the lessons I recently presented the children is a simple coloring activity.  Most of the children in the class are new to Montessori, and wanting to promote the process and cycle of activity, I chose to keep the lesson very simple.

The materials on the shelf:  Color version of the Land and Water Flat Map, wooden tray with small vase for a pencil,  a brown crayon, and a blue crayon, basket with maps to color.
To complete the lesson, a student brings the small vase and a map to a table making sure to place a newspaper under their work space.  I always have the children use newspapers for two reasons - one, it helps to protect our tables, and two, it aids in defining the child's workspace.

Here, the child has successfully set up the materials and is completing the lesson.
Afterwards, all materials are placed back in their original spots on the shelf, ready for use by another child.

Land and Water Flat Maps in our hallway.

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