Saturday, February 11, 2012

Staying on the Path

Sometimes in the classroom, I like to remind myself to simply stick to the classics and remain on a straight path.  "Just keep to the order of the lessons and don't change anything..."  I find myself thinking.  Over the years, I have found when I do this, the kids not only progress seamlessly from one lesson to the next within one area of the classroom, but also across all curriculum areas.  The following pictures from our week illustrate how the children work best when allowed to move forward at their own pace in their own time.   Meanwhile, my personal mantra is "Just stay on the path...!"

I introduced the First Box of Constructive Triangles to another child this week.  It is always a pleasure to watch the children's amazement when they realize that new shapes are formed when two triangles are placed together.
Using the printed labels to make a parade of animals around The Farm.  Later, this child symbolized the labels with the Grammar symbols.
Writing practice with theSandpaper Numbers.

Hearts and Flowers math - The child in this picture set up the hearts with numbers all in order beginning with the number one.  Then, to place the flowers, he wanted to "start backwards with number nine."  (I didn't have enough flowers to include the number ten...)
Matching number symbol to quantity.

Introduction of the Tens Board.

Working with the Large Hexagonal Box of the Constructive Triangles.

More number writing practice with the Sandpaper Numbers.  Here, an older child is tracing each number and passing it on to a younger students - a perfect illustration of how the older students teach the younger ones! :)

Static Subtraction with the Golden Beads.

Words with 'th' using the Small Moveable Alphabets.

Initial introduction of the Stamp Game...

...followed by Static Addition.  I wish you could see the face of this student during this work- pure delight! :)

Valentine preparations - decorating our Valentine bags.

Matching and naming colors (while strengthening pincer grasp!) with the Second Color Tablet Box.

 Math work with the Cards and Counters.

Exploring dimension with the Knobless Cylinders.

Weaving with Valentine colors.

Working with the Trinomial Cube:  "Look, I made the top!"


  1. Hi Sasha, I would like to ask you a question about the sand paper letter and number. Do we have to ask the child to touch the letter or the number with the right hand and then the left hand? I saw this on a video and I never saw that before.
    I just ask the children to touch with the right hand if they are right hand, and left hand if they are left hand.
    Thanks a lot

  2. Hi Family and Co,
    I've never seen or heard about having the child touch the Sandpaper Letter/Numbers with the right hand and then the left. I would not have a child do this especially if their dominant hand is already established. I hope this helps you!

  3. Your classroom is so inspiring! Love how the children keep busy.You do a great job with keeping up with offering them great activities. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thank you, Discovering Montessori! Really, it's the kids who give me the inspiration, ideas, and where to take them next... Thanks for the comment and keeping up with my blog!

  5. Hi Sasha, thanks a lot for your reply, you just make me feel I did it properly :)
    Thanks again for all your sharing.

  6. No problem! I'm glad I can offer some help and insight.