Wednesday, February 1, 2012

On the Shelves: February

Can it really be February already?  I set up the February shelves last weekend, so the children have been all smiles this week with the new activities available to them.  Here are some highlights:

Sponging colored water:  I think the color and shape provide a meaningful point of interest for the kids, and I appreciate how the containers fit the tray perfectly when one is upside down.

Simple transferring using pincer grasp... place these adorable teddy bears in to each heart shape.  I decided not to have a utensil for the lesson because I wanted the children to be able to feel the soft bears - which are completely irresistible! ;-)

These wooden heart shaped containers are perfect for spooning...

...colored rice.  Opening and closing the boxes provide an additional point of interest for the children.

Water transfer with a small dropper... fill each tiny cup of this suction cup mat (I seriously don't know what these are called!).

Our Valentine's Bead Tray which we will use to make...

...beaded hearts...

to hang on a Valentine branch.
Art Appreciation:  Degas Dancers. 


  1. Love all the hearts ♥
    Where did you find the little heart boxes? They are adorable!
    And I believe the suction cup 'thingys' are soap holders or pads.

  2. Thanks, Mandy! ;) The wooden heart boxes are from a locally owned store... I can't say I've seen anything similar in the big craft stores, but maybe you could check the wood craft sections.

  3. I have the teddy bear/heart tray in my classroom (but instead of bears I have foam hearts) but to further their fine motor skills I have them use tweezers to place hearts into the heart tray. With the suction cup I have them place dried chickpeas with their fingers :)

  4. Ooooh, dried chickpeas - perfect! Thanks for the idea!